About Us.

We are production company. We create mystic and distinct contents.

Welcome to the official website for Madhouse Production. We are an entertainment company, started by Genesis Madhouse (CEO) in 2014. During that year, Genesis Madhouse filmed for multiple artists in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa. One of those stars include the internationally known, WizKid. In 2018, our CEO journeyed to the United States and studied at The New York Film Academy. During this time he worked closely with experienced directing professors, learnt film professionalism and executed high quality projects that were showcased amongst notable audiences.  


Our work includes many genres of film and music production such as; music videos, Feature films, Youtuber content, short films, music recording, event coverage, and more. We have photographers for photoshoots and offer behind the scenes coverage of any films that we direct and produce. check out some of our works on the Home page and video page. 

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Behind Our Scenes.
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